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United States
Current Residence: attica, Indiana
Favourite cartoon character: sailor moon, ash ketchum, wargreymon, yusei fudo
Personal Quote: where there is evil, be warned. where there is destruction, beware. this mighty team shows no fear. POWER RANGERS:THE LEGACY CONTINUES
hey guys, i know it has been a while since i did a journal entry. My life has been a bit crazy that haven't had time to do one. Anyway i built a new yugioh deck that i call "monsters unite". Tell me what you think.

Effect monsters: (24)
1x bright star dragon
1x tasuke knight
1x marshmallon
1x ganbara knight
1x gogogo gigas
1x zubaba knight
1x achacha archer
1x shield wing
1x dododo warrior
1x des koala
1x gagaga child
1x gagaga magician
1x ganbara lancer
1x gogogo golem
1x zubaba buster
1x gogogo ghost
1x gagaga girl
1x kagetokage
1x tatakawa knight
1x bull blader
1x gagaga gardna
1x bachibachibachi
1x man-eater bug

Spell cards: (12)
1x swords of revealing light
1x the warrior returning alive
1x shrink
1x spell-shattering arrow
1x fissure
1x thunder short
1x shield crush
1x magnum shield
1x book of moon
1x rank-up-magic limited barian's force
1x mystical space typhoon
1x blustering wind

Trap cards: (11)
1x call of the haunted
1x secret barrel
1x mirror force
1x xyz soul
1x trap hole
1x sakuretsu armor
1x scrap-iron scarecrow
1x nitwit outwit
1x impenetrable attack
1x mirror mail
1x magic cylinder

1x number 34: terror-byte (xyz)
1x heroic champion - excalibur (xyz)
1x number 17: leviathan dragon (xyz)
1x number 39: utopia (xyz)
1x number C39: utopia ray (xyz)
1x number C39: utopia ray V (xyz)
1x number C39: utopia ray victory (xyz)
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Playing: yugioh wc 2011 on ds

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